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I have an on-off association with Astronomy. I can’t claim I’ve got even amateurish skills, but I make it a point to take a sneak peak at the mighty sky when I am informed of some once in a lifetime celestial events. In 2010, I enjoyed the Geminid showers with a very bugged and sleepy DeeDeeTweets. Last year, I enjoyed the Lunar Eclipse with a spiritual tilt along with the regular astronomical hoopla over explaining friends that Eclipse is not a Twilight series movie but a scientific phenomenon, and then diving into 4th standard Geography/Science. Lunar eclipse and moon have found reference in popular culture too. I loved this song from Bandini which incidentally played on the radio then. Such simplicity. She gently reprimands the moon saying ‘tohe rahu lage bairi’  🙂

Normally in conversations with friends, there have been a lot of goofups where I pointed at Venus and said it is Jupiter and vice-versa. Thankfully, they don’t notice 😉 I was at my wits end once. When I came from office and saw the bright Venus shining near the moon; and when I stepped out to get some grocery, there it was again, in an entirely different direction. I was flummoxed and looked to check on the original, thinking this was an imposter 😛  There it was! It was a case of “Mai Teja hu, mark idhar hai” (Read “Mai Venus hu, moon idhar hai”). Then saneness set in as I realised that the mighty Jupiter and Venus, both were making apppearance at the same time. And this week, there are gonna be 5 members of our solar system attending the customary taaron ki mehfil in the night sky. Technically, they can be labelled as guests, considering they are planets 😛

Here are the astronomical details and timings. Heavenly bodies….. they are very particular you see 😉

Excitement is building with respect to planets in Earth’s sky. Jupiter and Venus are edging toward a spectacular conjunction in March 2012. Mars is getting bright and will join up with Jupiter and Venus as soon as darkness falls in late February! This month, three planets – Venus, Jupiter and mars – conspicuously stage themselves in the February 2012 evening sky, while Saturn more modestly displays itself in the predawn hours. Mercury, the shyest of the five visible planets, will put on a good showing after sunset during the last week of February.


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